I LOVE Trupanion!!!

Out of 10

I bought 3 puppies 15 months ago -- In January 2013 -- one of my puppies started walking funny, would not play, would fall if they tried to jump on hind legs. She had luxating patellas.
I saw my vet on Tuesday was referred to Specialty Hospital on Friday and had surgery Friday afternoon. I filed the claim a week later on Monday -- by Friday of the same week, the insurance company contacted me telling me how much was being paid on my claim. They were so quick and efficient. I have had pet insurance in the past with another company and they were not even close to the quality Trupanion is.

I am so pleased with this company. Word of mouth is a powerful thing -- I am telling everybody about this insurance -- and I know several people have gotten insurance based on my good experience with this company.

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luxating patellas - surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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