read the fine print... do not get it

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my dog tore his acl so I started reading the fine print then called to confirm what i had read. the short non confusing insurance version goes like this. he tore it within 6 months of getting coverage so- not covered. any preventive illness (example. heartworm must have been given meds his whole life or not covered. ) since acl tore , that leg is no longer covered and the other back leg is not covered for 12 months. no meds, no shots . you get the picture. hope I saved someone else from my mistake. good luck

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Posted: 07/01/2013

It's not in the "fine print," it is VERY CLEARLY stated in the Terms and Conditions. It is not their fault if you didn't read it before purchasing the policy. If you think that anything clearly written within Terms and Conditions that you agree to is "fine print" then I wish you luck with, well, pretty much anything in the future.

Posted: 02/21/2013

Why did you give them a 2/10 rating & not a 1/10?