PetPlan, PLEASE - if in my next Life I'm a Pug!

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We are very happy to have Pet Plan!
My prior research of and ultimate choice of Pet Plan Insurance for my Pug puppy Temple was spot-on. Our claims were paid fairly, with caring and informative customer support.

A couple of month's ago my 1 1/2 year old Pug, Temple Belle, was clearly in respiratory distress, I suspected pneumonia, but after her regular Vet examined her I was told she may be just developing as an adult Pug with more "noise" and to watch carefully for further symptoms. I just knew it was not her normal and that there was something very wrong with my little gal. It got worse, poor thing sounded like she was struggling to breathe through a wet washcloth! We were then referred to a Specialist ($$$) for an exam that alarmingly turned into an immediate surgery to open her airway, trim laryngeal sacs and widen her nasal nares. After four days of 24/7-intensive care, including an oxygen cage, our bill was in the thousands, but Temple survived! Pet Plan covered $4000.+ and is continuing to pay 80% for re-checks and 90% on aftercare refills of her medications.

I whole-heartily endorse this company and highly suggest to anyone that loves their pet, to get them a Pet Plan. Thank You Pet Plan!

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Acute respiratory tract illness
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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