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On February 9, 2009, we picked up our precious bundle of pug. He was so soft beautiful and very rambunctious. He was eleven weeks old. We called him Kato. Kato became our neighborhood pied piper. When we would go for our daily walks, our neighbors would rush to the curb to greet our little guy. He loved everybody. The kids would yell "Kato" and come running.Two days after his second birthday he was diagnosed with PDE (pug dog encephalitis). This was devastating news. It is a terminal brain disease. It usually claims the patient within two months. We found a neurologist who gave us hope that it could be treated. We started on this journey. We were able to do this because of Pet Plan insurance. Our first month cost about $2000. Kato needed to have four different meds daily, including chemotherapy injections. He responded well to the treatment. At the end of seven months, we were actually talking about Encephalitis Graduation.
After 7 1/2 months of treatment, Kato had a relapse. Our wonderful baby went steadily downhill. At a little less than three years old we had to release him from this horrible existence.

Throughout this experience Pet Plan was with us all the way. The consultant we talked with most of the time was Amy. She was genuinely interested in our journey. She wanted us to send her pictures of Kato.
Overall our experience probably cost over $14,000. 80% of this was covered by Pet Plan. Because of Pet Plan we were able to have 7 extra good months with "

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PDE (pug dog encephalitis)
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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