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I have two dogs, a boxer and a doberman, who unfortunately cost my husband and I over $10,000 within a 16 month period!! Both had been healthy until our doberman needed an emergency stomach surgery and then 2 weeks later our boxer ended up breaking his leg and needing pins and screws to repair it. About a year later our doberman was back in for another stomach surgery (she eats things!!) That being said, we decided that had we had pet insurance we could have saved ourselves an unbelievable amount of money and stress so we took the plunge and I'm so glad we did! Our boxer's eye became swollen, red and watery without us knowing why. After a few visits to the emergency vet they determined he had a corneal scratch which turned into a corneal ulcer (very common in boxers we were told). After a few rounds of different eye drops and ointments along with some various procedures, our bills had totaled over $1,000. But, this time we were armed with the pet insurance and received every penny back with the exception of our $100 deductible! VPI saved our hearts and wallets this time around so thank you!!

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Eye problem

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1 - 8

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