7 ish year old boxer mix

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They all say 'get a mix breed-they are healthier'... well i can tell you that is not always the case. i adopted my dog natalie-a 40 lb pit/boxer/whippet mix at 8 mo and within a year we discovered an arthritic condition in her wrist. At the time i did not have pet insurance and the total for surgery came to about 5k-when all was said and done.
About 1.5 years later, my very active dog ruptured her (first) ACL... again - no insurance and a total cost of a little over 3k.
about 2 months after being 'cleared' to resume normal dog activity her 'bad' wrist microfractured and she was on the DL (disabled list) yet again!!
At this point i realized that my dog was a lemon and that i really needed to look into dog insurance. I did A LOT of research and found pet plan to be the most suitable insurance for my needs. of course, no insurance covers pre existing conditions-but this insurance company was local, got good reviews, and was on par with all the others as far as price.
Needless to say i was hoping that by getting pet insurance my dog would never be injured again...and for about 3 years that was the case... until this past august when she ruptured her other ACL!
Well this time was a little different...for one-both me and my dog were used to the trauma by now.. and two-this time i had pet insurance... and i was happily surprised to find out how supportive, helpful, and competent the technicians were that dealt with natalies case. Natalie's condition was approved immed

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