Best insurance ever, so friendly!

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My 4 month old puppy broker her femur and, thanks to Healthy Paws, we were able to afford the super costly surgery (over 3000$ with all related costs). Without the surgery, she would have never recovered and would not have grown into the super happy and healthy pup she now is! Healthy Paws reimbursed within a few days, from the first x-rays to the follow up exams! We are so thankful for all they did, and the way they did it - always emailing us to inquire about our puppy healing. I wish my human health insurance was as friendly and personalized!
I am so happy i subscribed for the insurance right as we adopted our puppy, otherwise i don't know how we could have afford the all thing that happened a month after we got her. Don't procrastinate if you are about to get a coverage for your pet is my new motto!

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