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No vet was able to detect the micorchip that aparently was put in by this company. Also when I try to get through to them they NEVER answer their phone. Once I got through and they wanted to charge me $50 to change the information attached to the microchip that later I found out never worked. ALSO -- no common vet microchip scanner uses the microchip that they use...who knows if they even really use one. No one reckognized the number. If my pet was lost it would have been as if she was not microchipped.

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Under $100

American Shorthair

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1 - 8

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Posted: 06/13/2013

Also, to add to Drake's point... it is not 24 Pet Watch that is inserting the chip. Your vet or shelter is doing that. If you have concerns about whether or not there is a chip in your pet, that is the fault of your clinic or humane society.

Posted: 09/11/2013

Just to add, sometimes the chip migrates. Scan them in different areas. Has nothing to do with the company itself! And yes, if you want them to keep your info current then of course you have to pay! Nothing in life is free.

Posted: 11/11/2012

Honestly wondering if this is a fraudulent company... Do they even exist? I have resubmitted a claim 3 times and it keeps mysteriously disappearing. I think it's time to file a case with the better business bureau.

Posted: 11/28/2012

24 Pet Watch microchips are the most popular microchips in North America. There is a lifetime service fee for the microchip if you your dog ever got lost, you are paying for the service of retreiving your information and bringing your pet home to you. Also, which ever clinic does not read the chip, that is because they are using an out of date scanner that needs to be updated. New advanced chips are smaller so it is less painful of an injection when putting the chip into the animal. Get your facts straight. There is a reason why this company makes a difference in so many homeless pet's lifes.

Posted: 01/09/2013

I just adopted a dog who was chipped and I couldn't remember the name of the company who's chip she had so I brought her to my vet, she was scanned and I was given her chip number and directed to this website in under 5 minutes