Mistreated dogs and gave shots with dirty needles

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I took my two chihuahuas into Banfield to get their routine annual shots and such. Keep in mind that both my dogs were 100% healthy at the time of the visit. While we were there it was strongly suggested that both dogs needed a teeth cleaning ASAP. We were talked into purchasing wellness plans for both dogs as it would save us money at a cost of over $855. Shortly after this visit both our dogs became sick, one with what seemed to be and later diagnosed as kennel cough, the other became very lethargic and wouldn't eat. We took him back and they said his anal glands were full of some chunky substance, cleaned them out gave him a shot of antibiotics and sent us home at a cost of $136. We were back with him a day and a half later. He was worse. They thought he had pancreatitis and wanted to keep him overnight. They called me later and said he didn't have pancreatitis but were treating him for it anyhow. The next day I thought he seemed better but as it turned out he wanted away from them. When I brought him home, after paying a bill over $523, he hid under the kitchen table and growled at me for several days. During all this I took my other dog to a different vet and he was diagnosed with kennel cough, they said likely from Banfield using dirty needles on him, this was a common practice for them. He was treated and released and is doing much better. I took my other dog to that same vet and they said the same about the dirty needles. They also told me that he was extremely manha

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