As the years pass, benefits go down, rates go up

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I have a pretty good sized pack with 5 cocker spaniels, two cats. The trouble is, once your pet is diagnosed with a disorder, they will no longer cover it when the policy is renewed the following year. This is why I have pet insurance to cover these expenses. The underwriters keep changing the exclusions on the poicies and I have 3. Now they want the senior pets to go on their own policies so they can jack up the rates. I don't think so.... I will be looking for another company after being with them for 5 years!!!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 06/19/2013

I'm heading in that direction now with them, thank you for posting what you wrote as it has helped me make my descion to cancel them. Best of luck with your search!

Posted: 05/23/2013

Check into ASPCA, I've been thrilled with the coverage! Just make sure you pay attention to the coverage when you call - and I definitely suggest calling for a quote so you can get details about what is/is not covered on each plan! Not only can you get a quote, you can ask a live person any questions you have for coverage comparison. Even after comparing each company online, I wouldn't go with any other company! I've been thrilled with the coverage because of talking with someone and enrolling over the phone, even with a couple small amounts being denied because I fully understood all of my options. They do have the pre existing clause on certain policies, but not all of them. There's no reason to be upset or disappointed with ASPCA if you do this's very important to do what I suggested. You will avoid any upset or disappointment.

Posted: 07/19/2013

I agree with the other posts once you file a claim that illness is not covered on the policy renews. This is stupid, if my dog has allergies he's going to have them every year. They do not pay in a timely manner and find excuses not to pay or why they are late in paying. I just ran into an issue where I submitted my claim and now they are saying they didn't receive it and its past 60 days, so now I'm out if luck. In addition, I have only submitted 1 illness claim in the past 5 years. The rest were allergy related and routine and they decided to increase rates and actually thought I would pay $115.15 a month! Bye bye PetFirst!