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We have two dogs. Both on the insurance plan. Both dogs have been terrified to go into the examining rooms at our local Banfield Hospital since day one. On our first puppy visit the vet assistant was showing us the proper way to trim the nails and on her fourth cut drew blood. Our puppy cried and bled for a while. The next time they took our dog to their back room because we asked the vet to clip her nails (extra fee) - when our dog returned she was visibly shaken up and we were told that she wet herself during the nail cutting process. Our most recent visit was on an emergency basis. Our puppy had an allergic reaction to a bee sting. He is still shaken up from his vet visit. My husband had to physically take him into the exam room. He did not want to go in - he was terrified. We just don't feel these staffers give our pets the extra attention needed and we will not continue to torture our animals by forcing them to see these hospital employees just because we're forced to continue to pay the monthly insurance fee. We have lost faith in this hospital and will find a new vet - hopefully one where are dogs are more comfortable and at ease.

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Posted: 01/15/2014

Vets, vet techs, and vet assistants should be taught how to properly restrain an animal and how to muzzle. Many Banfield's will not allow owners to be present during procedures or checkups. I would never take my pets to a place with such horrid rules. It is that way so the vet and corporate make as much financial gain as possible, while ignoring vet owner maintain a relationship concerning action plans for health issues and a detailed analysis of well visits. When animals are upset, especially dogs, I would wonder why they hate the vet office so much. Most dogs love interacting with people and I rarely had issues with my dog having issues with my vet! Anyone working with animals should love them, which often is not the case at Banfield. I love my pets, and it would be a cold day in hell that I would force my animals to a vet they hated and were terrified of. Your dog is trying to tell you something, which you ignore. Why would anyone get bitten if they are highly trained in proper restraint? The answer is Banfield hires newly graduated green vets and inexperienced staff to save money! So, live in your delusion that Banfield cares, at the expense of your animal's lives and comfort. You are the bad owner for not listening to your dog's behavior and have no right critique someone for actually listening to what there dogs are telling them.

Posted: 11/07/2012

I think this is unfair to Banfield, and at the very least only represents one location. I've taken my 5 yo Lab to four different Banfield locations, and all have been great. I now have a second dog, a 3 yo Border Collie, who is petrified of getting her nails clipped. The vet and techs at our Banfield do EVERYTHING they can to make it easy on her. The groomers tried to do it, and stopped after she peed during the process-- and the fact that she was that scared is no one's fault, dogs are dogs, and they don't understand some things, no matter what you do. Our little one has nipped at them during the process, so they've had to put a muzzle on her, and STILL need my husband's help, they're only human. But, despite how much extra effort they DO go through for her, and the fact that she tries to nip them, they are so sweet to her and love her and give her all kinds of positive attention.
This is your fault. You signed onto a plan without knowing how your dog would handle the environment. Further, you might just have to have your dog put under anesthesia during nail clippings, if it handles it so terribly, and it's your responsibility to pay the extra cost for that. Why do so many people nowadays think the entire world has to cater to their unique circumstances when they themselves barely take any initiative to handle their OWN responsibilities?

Posted: 11/13/2012

Omg sad to hear thanks for this information