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wow... do not be fooled into thinking you will get 100% coverage with this insurance company. (I am in the Gold Plan). There is a deductible with EVERY bill depending on the condition, a pet pro representative will determine how much that deductible is. (I just got done talking to a company representative who confirmed this.) They only covered $18 of a $68 vet bill for which my dog was vomiting for 3 straight days. Thank god my vet said to wait a few days with the x-rays to see if he improves, I can only imagine what pet pro plan reps would have not covered in that bill. I will not be renewing my coverage when it expires.

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Claim Amount
Under $100

Labrador Retriever

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Under a year

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Posted: 07/01/2013

You can't be serious. Obviously you agreed to a $50 deductible for each condition your pet is diagnosed with. You clearly don't know what "deductible" means, so don't blame the company for your ignorance. FYI, from experience, Pet Plan would've covered all the X-rays etc. required to cure your pet from this diagnosis WITHOUT charging you another deductible - this is when you'd get 100% coverage with no contribution from you.
This review should be taken off the website, as it is clearly just the ignorance of the customer and NOT any fault of the insurance company.

Posted: 10/28/2012

Perhaps you should read your policy terms and conditions as well as the declarations? No matter what level plan you chose, there's going to be a deductible of either $50, $100 or $200. It all depends on what you chose. Also, they cover 80%, 90% or 100% of costs, also dependent on what you chose. From what you wrote, it sounds to me you chose the Gold plan with a $50 deductible for 100% coverage. So yes, it sounds like you got exactly what you purchased. Don't post bad reviews just because you didn't read. Ignorance is no excuse.

Posted: 11/02/2012

I've had Pet Plan for three years. The coverage is very clear - there is a deductible for each illness - so in my plan, the deductible is $200 (there are some plans with zero deductible, but they are more expensive). So if your total bill is less than $200, they don't pay anything. Hello! Read the details of your policy. Also, I will be posting a review of my most recent claim that totaled $4000, and Pet Plan paid nearly $3,000 of it. They are fantastic.

Posted: 11/03/2012

Did you sign up for $50 deductible per incident?

Posted: 11/03/2012

There has got to be something wrong with how you're figuring this out, Tracy. I have put through many claims and NEVER EVER a problem. The only time that you have deductible applied is if:
(a) you are still working through that deductible based on the vet bills you've submitted and what those amounts are, but once you reach your $50, $100 or $200 deductible, they pay whatever the bill is, minus your copay, 20% or 10% OR, if you have the 100% deductible, then they pay the ENTIRE bill. The fact that you have the GOLD plan has no relevance to your argument about deductibles. Bronze, Silver and Gold are all about the TOTAL LIMITED AMOUNT Petplan will pay per year, it has nothing to do with the deductible or copay; those are separate and they equally apply to Bronze, Silver and Gold. So, for your deductible, did you choose 80%, 90% or 100%? And, by the way, as far as I am aware, Petplan is the ONLY pet insurance product on the market that offers a 100% reimbursement option -- all others don't go above 90% -- so if your pet has a condition requiring thousand and thousands of dollars, 10% can make a huge difference.

(b) every new condition is subject to a new deductible. Some companies have the deductible PER CONDITION and PER YEAR, as Petplan does, or PER CONDITION for the life of the policy, as Trupanion does, or simply PER YEAR, as Healthy Paws does. But you then have to balance out the benefits and exclusions of each policy. Despite what Trupanion and Healthy Paws provide in regard to how they handle the deductibles, those two companies do DO NOT cover the doctor visit/exam fee -- Petplan does.

Also, you wrote twice "pet pro" -- are you sure you're writing about the correct company? This section is for Petplan, not Pet Pro, whom I've never heard of.

I'm not saying all of these companies are 100% perfect; but what I do find with SOME, not all, but some of the reviews on here who are complaining about the company is that people simply did not thoroughly read the agreement and what they company does and doesn't offer before going with the insurer. You gotta do your research.

And, no, I have NOTHING to do with Petplan other than I am one of their policyholders, but I spent months researching all the companies before making my choice and I know them inside and out.

Posted: 11/13/2012
By: NOT true. There is a deductible on each illness...NOT each claim and the representative doesn't decide what it is YOU do when you sign up for the policy.

Posted: 11/14/2012

OK, You lost me, You signed up to have a 50 dollar deductible and for them to pay 100 percent. Your bill was 68 dollars, your deductible was 50 dollars and they paid 18 dollars which is 100 percent after your deductable.
It seems to me they paid 100 percent just like they promised but you just didnt like having to pay a deductible.
Just because you dont like having to pay a deductible that you agreed to pay when you signed up for the 50 dollar deductible is no reason to give a 1 star review, which is the worst possible rateing!
In my humble opinion, I think if you did some soul searching you would agree it wasnt really a fair rateing at all! I dont know, maybe you was just stressed because your dog had an upset tummy.

Posted: 11/16/2012

I have not seen a deductible for every bill. My cat recently received surgery for a Hemangiosarcoma and I only paid one deductible for numerous bills for a total of $10,000.

Posted: 11/20/2012

We just had CCL surgery for our golden retriever and all his visits were covered at 100% off the $200 deductible. Yes my first visit costed me $200 out of pocket but they have paid 100% of all visits. So the deductible is on a per illness per year.

Posted: 11/29/2012

what if I don't have a job & my dog gets sick is there anywhere that I can take him that doesn't charge or should I just take him to the dog pound?

Posted: 12/06/2012

Like Eileen above my cat has been diagnosed with ventral abdominal hemangiosarcoma. She has been through two surgeries, a cat scan and is now undergoing radiation therapy to be followed by another surgery and possibly chemotherapy. To date PetPlan has promptly paid the specialist bills (I also have the Gold Plan) as advertised at 80% of the bill. They paid the primary vet bill for the first surgery 100% AFTER the deductible was met. I don't know who or what Pet Pro is, perhaps you are talking about a different company. As with all the others who have commented, sounds like you got exactly what you paid for 100% after the $50 deductible.

Posted: 04/19/2014

Liza, what the heck is wrong with you??? Don't get a pet if you cannot afford a pet, period! It's not an object to "take to the pound" when he gets sick for god's sake. Although you most certainly SHOULD take your pet to a shelter so he can find a GOOD HOME and please, do NOT EVER get another pet!

Posted: 05/26/2015

The per condition is very trick with petplan, I took my pet to the vet because something was wrong with him vet decided on blood work to figue out if it was hypothyroidism, alopecia or whatever else was wrong with him. Total charges approximately 700 dollars but the way petplan processed claim as 2 different conditions alopecia and hypothyroidism and the fact that first visit was in one policy period and then 3 weeks later to retest blood after taking prescribed thyroid medication poicy renewed so I received a whopping 8.00 dollars because per condition(really per symptom of each disease diagnosed) is not per illness, so if your pet has a disease like hyperthyroidism which can cause alopecia and other symptoms each symptom will be treated as a condition which will severely limit your payout even if it is one disease causing the problem.