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Dogs, especially puppies love to chew. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what it is. Two weeks ago I came home to find my $10 sunglasses on the floor. All that remained of the sunglasses was the wire eye frame and a ¼ of one side. Everything else was gone. After franticly searching the house looking for any of the missing parts I came to the conclusion that the parts (glass and all) were inside one of my two dogs. So, off to the vet we went. Both my Weimaraner (Emma) and Schnauzer-terrier mix (Molly) were x-rayed. I was surprised to find that it was Molly, and not the Weimaraner that had eaten the glasses.
Some parts passed naturally (to include some small glass shards); however, some of the metal bits wouldn’t leave her stomach. After 48 hours of watching and x-raying Molly to see if the metal bits were moving through the body, it was determined that they were not moving. So it was decided to attempt to retrieve the metal and glass bits endoscopically.

The vet informed me that some pet insurance companies do not cover "accidental" ingestions. That made me a bit nervous. When I called Healthy Paws to let them know what happened and to see if I was covered, the Healthy Paws representative asked “Is Molly doing Okay now?” I really got the sense that first and foremost; she was genuinely interested in how Molly was feeling. When I asked if I was covered she said "Absolutely".

The endoscope couldn’t retrieve the 75+ glass bits, screws and small metal parts.

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