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We had decided to get insurance on our two dogs after listening to a Vet from UW-Madison talk on public radio about pet insurance. After purchasing the insurance we had mixed reactions from relatives and some friends who thought pet insurance was a waste of money and felt that a person should just save to cover the procedures.Our 4 1/2 year old Westie-poo named Buster started to have problems with limping, non weight bearing to his right hind leg, he was diagnosed with a cruicate tear. We tried physical therapy and rest with no improvement so decided to have a TPLO procedure done for him. He is a healthy dog, we were not expecting any complications with the surgery. Surgery went well, but the surgeon called us back, said he was having bleeding from his rectum and through his incision. Clotting times were off. His vital signs were declining. They had recommendations for us,including plasma, blood transfusion,abdominal ultrasound, plus some extra time in the hospital. We really did not know how he was going to do. He has recovered and is doing well now. They have some ideas what may have caused the bleeding but are not really sure at this point, as everything is back to normal. Buster is now doing well,putting weight on his leg and feeling frisky, we have to watch that he does not do too much as he still in the rehab mode.
Having Pet Plan made our decisions easier. They were always caring and courteous when we had contact with them. In fact we wished that our huma

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TPLO surgery with complications
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