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Healthy paws has always been excellent! I chose this insurance in mar 2011 for the awesome reviews and they have lived up to it!In 2012 my 6yr old corgi had to claim for tooth extraction due to broken tooth (accident). No problems there.

Here's the impt claim for 2012. Over Christmas, while we were out of town, my corgi got pneumonia while at his kennel. The kennel staff noticed his breathing difficulties and sent him to the emergency vet and he got treated there. He got transferred to his regular the next day for monitoring, transferred back to the emergency vet that night and got well enough to go back to the kennel. When we got home we had invoices from the emergency vet clinic and our regular vet clinic. And still had follow ups to be done.

Awesome-ness: my regular vet submitted a claim form even while I was away and healthypaws processed it so quickly that it was approved before we even got back. All the invoices (I think maybe 7 in total) were processed and there's only one more to go which healthypaws are following up with my regular vet!

More awesome-ness: they recently added alternative treatments to their policy! I'm an advocate of acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc for dogs and this truly is a great insurance company to have the foresight to move in this direction!

Healthypaws is my corgi's forever insurance company!!!

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Aspiration pneumonia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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