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HORRIBLE! My dog just turned two.. He has a clean slate, no pre-existing conditions.. I even had the waiting period waived because my vet did an entire check for any and all chronic conditions which she did not find any signs of anything wrong. She filled out the paperwork and submitted it to Embrace. Embrace even emailed me with the "great news" stating that Bleu (my dog) is free of ay pre-existing conditions... blah blah. I was so happy. Well, it has been two months and I noticed a little red pimple looking bump growing out of his skin. Immediately, I took him to the vet and she removed it, she also mentioned that I did not even have to remove it because it was a harmless skin tag. She did a biopsy on it anyways and it came out completely clean & free of all serious possibilities. I then submitted my claim to Embrace...GUESS WHAT.. please read there email below:

"Hello Amanda,

I have reviewed Bleu Pruett's claim along with your pet insurance policy and based upon that review, I am sorry to inform you that this claim is not covered under your policy.
The medical records note the mass on the foot and dermatitis prior to the policy start making masses and dermatological conditions pre-existing conditions. Dermatological conditions may be covered in the future once Bleu Pruett has been free of signs, symptoms, and treatmens for 12 months....."

I then called them complaining and asking tons of questions. I also called my vet to confirm how off this information was.

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skin tag
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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