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I am so very thankful that I went thru all the trouble to sign up and figure out the workings of pet insurance. It was difficult and occasionally confusing to figure out which policy to choose, deduction amounts, coverage percentages, etc. It is Very, Very important to figure it all out ahead of time, before you actually need pet insurance and then it is even more important to "dot the i's and cross the t's" of your policy-- make sure that you do everything that the insurance company asks for, in the time period that they require it. All of these seemingly unimportant details(annual full wellness checks, orthopedic report cards and so on) are crucial to you receiving a payment if and when you need it. If you do so, you will be well rewarded if and when you need pet insurance. My sweet dog Lili tore her first ACL before she was 3 years old (the right leg). I was able to get the best care for her, to research what was best possibilities were for her and then to have the surgery done with a remarkable surgeon, Dr. Farese at the VCA in Rohnert Park-- all thanks to Embrace Pet Insurance.
Then, after 2 months of completely healing Lili's right ACL, she tore her left ACL 2 days later. They tell you that there is a 60-80% chance that they will tear the second ACL but not generally this quickly, especially for a young, vibrantly healthy dog. She was only then beginning to take 20 minute walks on a leash, when she tore her left ACL and she wasn't even able to put her left

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