Pet Plan Representatives are the BEST!

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I want to acknowledge the hard work, diligence, communication, heart, and understanding that Kathryn Nalley has brought into my life on behalf of Pet Plan Insurance. I cannot begin to thank her enough for being my ambassador and advocate for me and my pet Zoe Bear. Kathryn has been a pillar of strength and support when I have been vulnerable and scared.
What you do not realize is Zoe is my very first dog ever in my life. I always wanted a blonde Chow Chow because when I was growing up; my grandfather would do the voices for The Wizard of Oz. One of his best impersonations was the Cowardly Lion. So getting a Chow Chow reminded me of his presence.

I got Zoe as a birthday present 13 years ago, I was in college and my grandmother just had passed away. I always had wanted a dog growing up, but my mom always pointed out what a tremendous responsibility a dog is. Her words echoed in my ears. I knew what an honor it was to have such a wonderful being. So when I got Zoe, I always felt it was my responsibility and privilege to give her the best life possible. She didn’t ask for me, I asked for her and what a remarkable gift she has been. I have had her since she was five weeks old and she has been nothing but a sincere joy. She has very old soul and incredibly smart. We are very much connected and I had her make me a promise that she has to live as long as I do, or vice a versa. I cannot imagine my world without her in it.

Thanks to Kathryn she helps make that

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Chow Chow

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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