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I have not owned dogs for nearly ten years since my divorce and remarriage. My Wife, who is highly allergic to dogs found a Mini Labradoodle and she had no allegic reactions.
We had watched our best friends shell out over $7500.00 on their pooch over the past year and realiszed that would be a tough burden on us if we needed that kind of Vet care. Our friends urged us to look at Pet insurance and after an exhaustive study, I chose Embrace based upon the percentage payment method of payments.

Eight weeks after our first puppy, we picked up a tiny Bolognese puppy as a companion. She would only be five pounds and I head a fear that we might step on her and incur thousands of dollars in Vet fees. I added little Jazmine with a 10k limit and 80% deductible.

We woke up one morning and discovered that Jazmine had something wrong with her eye. A quick search of the Internet confirmed that she had "Cherry Eye" and that it had to be surgically corrected. Do to the high failure rates of the surgery, we elected to see a Board Certified Veteranary Opthalmologist for the procedure.

Approximately $2000.00 later, Jazmine was sent home. The next morning, I was hoorified to see that her other eye had the same prolapse (Cherry Eye) -- Another trip to the Surgeon and another two thousand dollars.

My claims were processed and despite the warning of my Vet who said that the insurance companies always find a way to exclude this type of surgery, our claims were paid. Dr. D.

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Eye problem

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Over $1000


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Under a year

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