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I have to admit that I was very skeptical of pet insurance in the first place. I am one of those people that believes in saving for a rainy day and there is no need to pay an insurance company a monthly premium for something that should be budgeted for in the rainy day fund. I have never been a fan of any insurance company in general, whether it be car, home, health, etc. Nevertheless, I have a Labrador Retriever who is very prone to getting into everything and thought I would try it out and see what I thought for a year and then cancel it if it seemed a waste.
Earlier this month, my lab got a case of chronic vomiting with blood in the vomit. I freaked out and we had to have x-rays to make sure he hadn't eaten anything and then a barium swallow test. Both expensive procedures. After no definitive results and continued vomiting, we were referred to a specialist for ultrasound and endoscopy. All of these procedures together totaled around $2,600.00. Healthy Paws was amazing to deal with. I had a reimbursement check in days and the staff even emailed me to check on Jackson. We are still waiting on the biopsy results to verify that it is not cancer but I will NEVER cancel this policy. I have the $250.00 deductible with 90% reimbursement-For my 5 year old lab, the premium is around $40.00 per month. BUT, this policy INCLUDES congenital hip/back/elbow conditions that labs are prone to after a 1 year waiting period. I could not find a single other policy out there th

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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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