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3 months after I enrolled in Healthy Paws, our beloved puppy Goober got hit by a car and badly fractured his front leg. The vet recommended surgery since the fracture was bad enough that without it the leg would not heal correctly. We were told the only reason not to get the surgery would be if we cannot afford it and without Healthy Paws, we definitely could not have.
I was expecting the insurance process to be painful, but Healthy Paws reimbursed us for 90% of the costs and we only had to fax over some documents. The process was easy, fast, and very reliable.

Recently, I received an email from Healthy Paws asking if I need a replacement for a check that was issued to us in May that we had never cashed (we misplaced it while moving this summer!). This, in my opinion, is as stellar as customer service gets. Healthy Paws definitely went above and beyond our expectations. Not only are their helpful and reliable, but they are also friendly, which is much appreciated!

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Bone fracture
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
Under a year

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