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If you like to get kicked while you are down and get checks for 17¢ while you are trying to nurse your pets through cancer (yes, both my cat and dog had cancer at the same time), then VPI is the insurance for you. They were the absolute worst. It was like being kicked in the ribs while you were already punched in the stomach. I had paid my VPI bill faithfully for years. When push came to shove, I would get SO little back, it was always so insulting. The day I got the 17¢ check back, I asked my vet to pin it up to the wall so everyone could see what A-holes they are. Please, spread the word. They are the worst. Oh, and I had/have the best integrated vet who was using herbs and Chinese medicine. VPI kept telling me they covered "some" of it. When I asked for a list (because my herbs never got approved), they told me the list was "proprietary" and they could not share it. How are they still in business? Who in their right mind would have this miserable insurance company? Someone is getting rich? My dog and cat have passed and I finally have almost paid off my credit card. I HATE VPI and I want everyone to know how rotten they are.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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