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I took my 2 dogs for the very first time using the insurance plan and all the paperwork I had for both of them.One of them had a dental procedure and both just general check and vaccines. My younger dog had some of the vaccines couple months ago and they gave them to my dog again! I swear if something happens to my dog they wont have anywhere to go! I will make to suspend their licenses! THE REASON I SAY THIS IS BECAUSE MY OLDER DOG HAD A DENTAL CHECK WHICH WAS UNDER ANESTHESIA AND I WAS NEVER TOLD ABOUT THE COMPLICATIONS AND MY 6YO MALE DOG, SUPER HEALTHY DOG BECAUSE EVEN THEM SAW IT ON THE RESULTS HAS FOUND AFTER 3 DAYS OF THE PROCEDURE DEAD AT HOME! THIS *** PEOPLE KILLED MY DOG! The best part is when I go there they said I signed a form where I assume all the responsibility if something happens to my dog, well yes I signed a form but when I asked the girl who was "helping me" said it was just a drop off form which IT WAS NOT! now my dog is dead my other dog vaccinated twice in less than 2 months! THEIR STAFF IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!! THEY DONT KNOW WHAT IN THE *** THEY ARE DOING! I asked for an autopsy and one of them said they could only check for bites just in case it was because a spider, etc. and that I will have to pay for the autopsy if I wanted it! well GUESS WHAT!? I took my dog's dead body to them and they had to pay for it! I took my dog to them thinking I will keep him healthy and 3 days later of the first visit my dog is dead! DONT EVER GO TO THIS

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