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I have only had Scout's insurance with Healthy Paws since Feb of 2013. Here it is July and I have already submitted 3 claims. (Have to love puppies!)
The first 2 claims went in together. It took about a week & a half to get it all completed as they had to enter the medical history and get all of the background on the situation.

The 3rd claim was about 2 weeks ago when my Scout got a bottle of vitamins and ate them. (vitamins, platic bottle, lid and all) Scout spent the night in the hospital on a Wednesday and came home Thursday morning. I called Healthy Paws Thursday morning and asked them to fax a claim form to my vet as I had forgotten to take one. Friday morning I called the vet to verify that they had it. Indeed they did. The vet completed the form and faxed it back first thing that Friday morning. That same day, I had a response back from Healthy Paws on the claim. I was very impressed that they had processed it in less than a day. The explaination was clear and easy to understand. The check came in the mail approx a week later.

I have spoken with Healthy Paws staff several times by phone & email. They are always very polite & helpful. They followed up after the viatmin incident to make sure Scout was ok as well.

I'm thankful for the quality service I have received so far with them. Hoping that I don't need to talk to them any time soon..... But if I do, I trust that they will continue to provide the high level of efficiency and quality th

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ate a bottle of vitamins
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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