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This is our first year with Embrace and so far, I'm not impressed. While our Wellness claim was paid promptly, the $60 reimbursement we received has to be balanced against the $150 unreimbursed cost to have an exam done for the ortho waiver. The remaining claims we've submitted so far have all been either denied or significantly reduced. I've actually given up chasing paperwork for the remaining receipts for this one dental procedure because I really don't have any expectation that doing that will satisfy our $500 deductible.
The positive stars are only because the Embrace employees I've dealt with on the phone and through email are unfailingly polite, professional and try their best to be helpful.

I'm not sure we will be renewing our policy next year.

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Dental Fracture
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/21/2012

Rebecca, your ortho waiver exam should be covered under your wellness plan if you have coverage left on that so please contact me directly so I can understand why it was not covered. Off the top, that doesn't make sense to me. Laura

Posted: 12/26/2012

I will give Embrace one additional star for finally taking care of this claim. The lesson learned in this is to NEVER ask the vet to perform any additional services while a pet is under anesthetic or Embrace will significantly reduce the amount they would otherwise reimburse. One claims representative tried to explain that my dog was no different from having work done on my car... not understanding apparently that my car isn't likely to DIE under anesthesia. I found his analogy exceptionally uncaring considering he works in a pet care industry.