KIKI is so mUch Better

Out of 10

My dog KIKI had knee surgery and it cost $5,000.00+ Embrace paid 90% then the plate in her knee got infected and they paid another 90% of the $3,000.00 claim 6 months later . In the end Embrace paid out over $8,000. They covered 90% of the claim minus the $100 deductible, exactly as promised. The company did not try to weasel out of the claim and handled the claim with integrity, following through on everything that was promised before I signed up. Furthermore, they did not drop me as a client and sent me an e-mail about renewing my policy while all of this was going on.
I have definitely become a walking advertisement for Embrace. It is rare to find companies that actually do as promised and when I find one, I definitely like to spread the word.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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