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We decided to get pet insurance when we adopted our 3 month old puppy, Barkley. Friends and family laughed at me.But, did you know puppies put their heads into everything-caused a $500 eye infection. You should have seen Healthy Paws in action, ouro first claim handled beautifully.
Then, Barkley was diagnosed at 8 months with hip displaysia, very unusual for a puppy.While the policy only covered this once after 1 year, I was amazed it covered it at all (most don't).
Subsequent to the surgery, Barkley got a serious urinary track infection and has been to the ER twice and Hospitalized once, then to our local vet because he stopped eating and drinking.
Again, Healthy Paws customer service and concern for Barkley has been fantastic. Quick response time and Healthy Paws does what they say they will do, and cover exactly what you would expect.
We are hoping that this is the last of any major expenses for such a young pup, but now my family and friends are looking at Healthy Paws for their pets!

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urinary track infection
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Over $1000

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