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So far, at least a couple years I have had no drama with pets Best! I have never had to argue a claim, they pay reasonably and promptly. With ASPCA I felt their Priority was to find ways of getting out of paying, with Pets Best I feel they are trying to build business through customer satisfaction! What a concept! I've had three pets with them. One pet died suddenly from a nasal sarcoma. Even though I did the minimum the bill came to 4000$ Pets Best paid exactly the percentage they say they pay and they did it quickly with a condolence note! After ASPCA I thought I have to fight again. I can't tell you how a horrible situation was helped by Pets Best quick reimbursement. All claims have been paid with the same service. I hope it continues. It is hard enough when your pet is ill, now I can afford to give my pets the quality healthcare they deserve and anxiety is cut in half! Insure your pet!!

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Nasal Sarcoma
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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