Healthy Paws keeps my pup healthy

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Getting Healthy Paws for my little girl was the best decision we ever made (next to actually adopting our goldendoodle). The claims are processed extremely fast (often times the claim is processed and/or approved the same day the vet faxes the claim over, and the check is in the mail shortly thereafter), and we have never ever had a problem with getting a reimbursement for something covered by the policy.
In fact, over the course of our first 15 months, we have more back in reimbursements than what the premiums would cost us over the next 10 years. So right there Healthy Paws has been a return on my investment, and then some. More than anything, having health insurance has given me the peace of mind to take my girl in for any medical problem (large or small) without having to worry about the vet costs.

Also, I feel like Healthy Paws as a company actually cares about my puppy. Whenever I call, a person picks up and is actually very pleasant to talk to. And when we submit claims for an illness, I get an email a few days/week later asking how my puppy is feeling. That's just great customer service!

I only wish my human health insurance was as good!!

As an FYI, my 15 month old girl is a relatively healthy goldendoodle. When she was very young, she had a sensitive tummy, and we just needed to rule out any pathogens, and more recently she suffered from a nasty UTI and struvite crystals.

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urinary and digestive issues
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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