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McNeil our three year old funloving labradoodle started getting sick constantly. We could find no indication that he had been into anything or ate anything unusual but? He kept no food down all day and continued to get sick through a second day. We made an ememgency visit to our long time vets Dr's Geibel at Ouince Orchard Animal Hospital. The diagnosis, an indication of a blockage and dehydration as a result of not keeping anything down. Among other things an IV was started and Barium was given to check the flow through his digestive system through constant monitoring X-Rays etc.through the day and night and the following day. We were all worried that a hard blockage was possible and major surgery might be required. Slowly whatever was in his system started to clear through thankfully and with the followup help of a special diet and medication McNeil returned to his playful, fun loving self. The bill for all the great care and monitoring he received was substantial but our PetPlan insurance policy provided the coverage you can only wish and hope you are getting when you buy a policy like this. We had always hoped to never have to call on McNeil.s health insurance policy because that means he always remained healthy, a wish we have for all our family members, but I am very thankful for the quick easy help we received from PetPlan when we unfortunately needed them. Dr Geibel forwarded the paperwork required by PetPlan and in about two weeks we received a reimbursement check.

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