Be aware of claimed preexisting conditions

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We have had Pets Best for over a year and have been happy with it until recently. After 2 claims were denied (one for ear infection and one for a hotspot), I called Pets Best to find out what's going on. Turned out that 8 months ago I took my dog to the vet to have his anal glands expressed as he was licking it excessively (no surprise there). Now I understand that anal glands were not covered and I was fine with that, however, what came out of this specific claim was that Pets Best determined that because my dog was licking his anal glands and was prescribed a cream to stop the irritation (or itching) by the vet, he was deemed to have "allergies" which Pets Best consider as a "preexisting condition".
My dog has NEVER been treated for allergies ever by anyone or showed signs of allergies and now they are claiming ear infection, hotspots are all stemmed from allergies.

I'm a healthcare provider myself, and I've never diagnosed a patient with an irritation on his arm as you-are-doomed-forever-allergies and just because a patient had bronchitis does not mean he has asthma, etc. I think it's unethical for them to claim all of these issues are related to allergies. The vet was visited for anal sacculitis for heaven's sake.

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Ear Problem

Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Bichon Frise

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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