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I have been employed full-time as a licensed veterinary technician at a small animal practice for almost fifteen years, and for several years I also worked a few hours every other weekend at an emergency veterinary hospital. Over the years, I have seen incredible advances made in veterinary medicine; treatments that are comparable to specialized surgeries and procedures that are performed in human medicine, but these procedures can be quite costly and beyond the reach of the average pet owner. I have also seen firsthand pet owners coming face to face with the cost of treatment for severe injuries, medical emergencies, and conditions that were so expensive that they either elected euthanasia, or they exhausted their life savings trying to save their pet. A couple of years ago, I made the decision that this was never going to happen to me! I explored my options for pet insurance and compared all the plans available, and there are many of them out there! Not a single one of them comes close to the coverage that Petplan offers, so I decided to insure all of my pets with their company, and when my cat, Buddy, started showing signs of problems a few months ago, I realized that this was one of the smartest choices that I have ever made. Buddy just wasn't himself; he was limping on a front leg off and on, and, when I gave him the first dose of pain meds prescribed by my vet, things really went downhill fast. By the next day, he was still limping, very lethargic, and refusing food (an

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