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I encourage all pet owners to get Embrace! You really don't think about it when your pet is healthy, but once something happens, you will be so grateful that you have it. Not only did Embrace come in handy when my dog had some minor issues over the winter (simple blood tests, but still costly), but when we got my dog's cancer diagnosis over the summer, all I could say over and over again was "Thank goodness we have insurance"! If we didn't have it, there would simply be no way that I could have been able to afford any of my dog's treatments, and we would be fighting a losing battle. Because of Embrace's awesome cancer coverage, as well as their coverage of holistic therapies (something we strongly believe in to support his other cancer treatments, which many insurance companies do not cover), we know that we can explore all of the treatment options that are available to us, and get my dog the best possible care. I've had to call a couple of times with some questions, and the customer service has been AMAZING each time. Super helpful, friendly, and exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend this company enough. I admit that there were times that I almost dropped his insurance because times were tough and my dog was healthy, but now, I am so happy that we kept it. That small monthly premium is nothing when you are faced with huge vet bills to care for your dog, and the peace of mind knowing that you can afford to give your pet the best care-totally worth it! It's hard for pet

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