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I took my 6 yr old chihuahua there to update his shots. The dog was 8 pounds and they insisted on giving the dog all of his shots at one time...even after a lengthly discussion. By the time we got home the dog was having seizures! Took the poor dog back and they said that it appeared to be having back pain and they wanted to do X-rays. I told them they were NUTS that the dog had no back pain when we came the first time and had done nothing to hurt is back since we left. ( they were trying to charge me for something that he didnt need)I wrapped Jim up and took him to the emergency vet....where they diagnosed that he had an allergic reaction to the vaccine. He was given medication and was fine. I put a stop payment on my check and told them that they could sue me if they chose. After finding a new vet, he told me that it is always wise to spread out the vaccinations for small dogs...since reactions are common. Stay away from Banefield....they have no clue and are only in it for the money!. When you mention Banefield to any other vet they get a strange look on their face!

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1 - 8

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Posted: 11/13/2012

thank god i read this before i purchase this insurance have me wondering now thanks for the information