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I recently brought my 4 month old puppy in to the animal emergency hospital on a Sunday (my vet was closed) due to vomiting. When I left the hospital, I realized what a great move it was to purchase pet insurance after viewing the bill. I submitted the simply claim form with a copy of the invoice. Within a few days I had received word via email that my claim had been processed and that a check was cut. I received my check already, and its only been 8 days since I submitted the claim from the hospital visit! Couldn't ask for a better turnaround time. Healthy Paws covered what they said they would, and the process of reimbursement was quick and painless. Highly recommend this company for all of your pet insurance needs.
One thing that drew me to this company was that their policy period is continuous, whereas other company's renew yearly. The problem with annual renewals is that anything your pet experienced before renewal will be considered "pre-existing" on your new annual policy, therefore you will be blacked out from coverage. I'm so glad I found a company who doesn't practice this policy, because if your pet got sick or injured towards the end of your policy and isn't back to 100%, I'm afraid you'd be stuck with the bill because any other insurance company would consider it a pre-existing condition. I'm grateful Healthy Paws understands this flaw in most pet insurances, and found a way to offer solid insurance at an affordable price.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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