Sadly disappointed with their payouts

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We've insured 4 house rabbits for about 5 years now, never needing to use the insurance until this year. Unfortunately throughout the last year 3 different rabbits became sick and died at 3 different times. Each time we received a reimbursement of between 8% and 26% of the claim amount. When we called and discussed it, they only budged on one of the claims. In the end, we wound up paying over $115 per year, per rabbit. The claims were for roughly $800,$1400, and $600, totaling roughly $2800 in claims. They paid out a total of $762 for a grand payout rate of 27%. We thought we were insured in case something happened, only to find when something does happen, this is only a little reimbursement & most of the cost still falls on our shoulders. We're recommending to friends who keep dogs, cats, or rabbits to avoid VPI and instead put aside the money that would have been spent on premiums into a savings account to cover you when something goes wrong. We've cancelled the remaining policies we had with VPI due to the horrible payouts. Hopefully this review will help keep others from being surprised with bills they believed would have been covered with this poor insurance.

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Digestive tract
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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