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My cat Jada age 14 was diagnoised with Pancreatis. Before this Jada has been very healthy and dosen't look or act like a 14 yr. old. Then I noticed some weight loss from not eating which is not like her at all(she loves her food and her brother's as well). There were a couple of bouts with vomiting and diarrhea too. The vet did a complete work-up and ultrasound which verified his findings. I submitted all records and claims and the next day heard back from Healthy Paws letting me know that they received everything and would be handling this right away. And that is just what they did!! Prompt attention to Jada's case and I even received another email just to ask how she was doing!!!!! I don't get that treatment from my own doctor :(
I am so impressed with Healthy Paws that I have made it my business to tell other animal owners of my experience.The processing was easy and within 1 week of them receiving my claim and associated paperwork it was completed and emailed to me the findings and how much I would be refunded. WOW!!!!
Every one I spoke with over the phone was polite, helpful and caring. Thank you so much.

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$500 - $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 10/01/2012

We're pet parents too and realize you want to there for your pets, not spending time following up with your pet insurance company. Thanks for being such a great Healthy Paws supporter! Give hugs to Jada and Jason for us!


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