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My Info and Policy: I adopted a 1 1/2 year old hound mix about a year ago. On the recommendation of my neighbor, a vet, I purchased pet insurance. I honestly picked VPI because it was the best price and deductible for the coverage. So far, VPI has reimbursed me about $1,210 and I pay about $26/month and have a yearly $250 deductible for the major medical plan (illness and injury, but not preventative/yearly care). The Positives: Their plan handbook with covered conditions/procedures is pretty straight forward and I have not disputed or questioned anything they haven't paid for. They pay fully for all covered procedures at the emergency vet. Many of the policies I looked at only paid 80%. For the price, I feel I am getting quite a good deal. Almost too good - I am worried my premium may shoot up at the end of the year due to all my claims. They cover prescriptions. The downsides: They reimburse, not pay upfront, so you do have to pay out of pocket. It takes about 4 weeks to receive a check if you turn in a claim in a timely fashion. If you get the major medical plan, the injury coverage starts the same time as the illness coverage (I think it was two weeks later) even though the injury plan by itself starts in 24 hours. This was a problem for me, as my dog was attacked by another dog in those two weeks and the vet trip was not covered or applied to my deductible. Any prior conditions, including injuries that occur in the two week period will b

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Ear Problem


torn dew claw (claw removed), torn shoulder (staples), broken tooth (extraction), ear infection, stress diarrhea/vomiting
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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