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I first purchased a one year policy for my dog Molly in August 2011 for about $300. Within 3 weeks she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. About a week later she unfortunately broke her toe! We were unexpectedly hit with about $1100 in vet bills for antibiotics to treat the urinary tract infection and repeated trips the vet for x-rays to monitor the healing process of the broken toe. After filing our first two claims we quickly received reimbursement for all charges less our applicable deductible. Our policy just renewed for the second year for $450 (Molly is now 4 1/2 years old) and within days of the renewal date Molly was having problems walking with her hind legs. My primary vet referred me to the emergency animal hospital where Molly was examined by a surgeon who then referred me to a veterinary neurologist because he suspected a problem with her spine and spinal chord (sounds expensive huh?!). After doing an MRI ($2250) Molly was diagnosed with an acute herniated disc in the mid-back and two bulging discs in the lower back. The neurologist determined it was best to operate on the herniated disc and administer steroidal injections to the bulging discs. Molly is like my baby so I of course had to act, if she did not have surgery she very well could have been paralyzed because the herniated disc was pushing the spinal chord out of the way. After completing the surgery and injections and spending 2 days in the animal hospital Molly came home to recover with a vet

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Herniated Disc and Bulging Discs
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