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I have 3 Golden Retrievers ages 5,4 & (just about) 3 yrs old. I pay around $35 a month for each girl, I don't have the "wellness package" it is solely emergency care. My youngest Golden, Paige, this summer was suffering so bad from ear infections/ hot spots & allergies. I am so happy I have VPI insurance because I am able to work with amazing vets & hone in on the cause not just the symptoms of Paige's allergies. My vet bill for the dermatologist was $440 & I got $360 back (I literally only had to pay for the allergy shampoo, & ear products) & another vet bill was for $990 & I got around $620 back... I still pay for my annual exams, I get titers done so I don't over vaccinate my pet which cost more but are worth it & I get a snap test done annually also. That is all on me. I do love having peace of mind knowing that if something horrible happened, VPI has my back (& my dogs). That's what I love the most. I also love the birthday cards we get in the mail & the postcards that are pre-stamped that I can send our wonderful vets... It's the little things in life! So, thank you VPI!!

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Ear Problem

Skin problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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