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I've had VPI coverage for my current dog and the one before her, about 17-20 years. During the time frames of their healthy years it was good to know the coverage was there in the event it was needed. On occasion there were times I felt the coverage wasn't the greatest but overall the insurance has more than paid for itself!!! The first 5 to 6 years I’ve had my adorable pound pooch she had perfect health, then it seemed as though everything that could possibly go wrong, did over the next couple of years – Cushing’s disease which flipped into Addison’s disease, Hypothyroidism and cancer. Most recently money has been tight (laid off a couple of years ago) and I had considered dropping Hannah's insurance but never did and am so glad I kept up her coverage! If I had dropped her insurance I would not have been able to afford the treatment needed for her 3rd tango with Mast Cell Cancer. I have always had great service - customer care and claims processing! Thank you ever so much for making what was a difficult time, so much easier to cope with!

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