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Insured my 10 wk old kitten Zinc six days after I got him from a local shelter. Had a 15 day waiting period for coverage. On the 16th day my new kitten had a severe limp. Took him to the local vet, after multiple ex-rays we were told he just had a sprain. The following day he was very lethargic and had a temp. Took him back to be told that he may have something called kitten limping syndrome and that the stress was causing the temp. This all happened on a Fri-Sat. On Monday I faxed all paper work to the insurance.This was my first claim ,I was unsure how quickly this would be settled and if there would be any complications. To my great surprise it was all handled with in 8 days. They paid everything that I expected them to, so no surprises. The only discouraging experience was that after the claim my insurance rate went up by 6 dollars on my other animal ( no claims) after only having it for a year. All in all though I must say very satisfied.

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Kitten limping syndrome
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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