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I have two burmese cats and both have conditions that require an Allergist as well as their regular veternarian. These conditions appear to be irreversible but treatable with medications. Some is oral and some is by injection. Pet's Best has paid for 80% of all meds relating to these conditions. As a senior I would be hard pressed to manage the financial strain if I did not have pet insurance.
There claims processing is immediate and convenient ; their staff polite and empathetic. I would not be able to maintain my cats without their insurance help. Our providers of insurance for humans would do well to adopt the practices of Pet's Best. I thank Pet's Best for the peace of mind their insurance coverage affords me. I know that the unforseen can be managed as long as my cat's are insured. This is the first pet insurance that I have carried, and I have done so for 5 years. For me it has been money well spent and has more than paid for itself. if I need to cut myu expenditures it will not be on pet insurance. I thank Pet's Best for being a reputable and caring business.

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