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After having this insurance for 5 years and hardly ever using it because I would forget I had it, they cancelled me for lack of payment though I was never notified. In all fairness, I forgot to notify them of my new address when we moved, however all of my mail had been forwarded. Strange theirs was the only letter that didn't reach me, even though we received everything else. They would not compromise with me at all. I suggested paying all the back amount--NO. I suggested starting a new contract but they said my dog would now have a pre-existing condition that would not be covered. Problem is, he just has some pain that the vet seems to think is temporary but doesn't know for sure what has caused it. Every test has been done (that we ended up paying for)and nothing has been found. She thinks he pulled a muscle because he's a long dog and she says that's typical.
I called my vet to see if they could recommend someone else and they told me most all companies are the same because there is NO regulations that they have to follow. They can do what they want. I'm going to start a separate savings account. Had I done that originally, his $400 bill would have been covered.

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pulled muscle pain??
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Lhasa Apso

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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