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I paid for Banfield Wellness plan for 12mos for my pet & initiated plan via phone. We didn't discuss all these rules about the plan or binding contract. I renewed the plan on 7/8/12 & it was due for renewal on 7/13/12. I discovered my office visit for the day was $331.79. My pet was stolen the same day on 7/8/12. I spoke to several representatives with Banfield Wellness plan & they all gave conflicting info. I was originally told that if I transferred a new pet on the plan within 90 days I wouldn't pay a new membership fee & plan would start over. I called again on 7/27/12 to transfer my new puppy on the plan & was told this only applied if my previous dog had died. I requested to speak with a manager & was disconnected four times. Finally speaking to Andrew who told me there were no managers to deal with complaints regarding contracts & they were the corporate/district office not being under any other guidance. My issues are that my dog was stolen & my family including my young children are still grieving the lost under 4 weeks ago at this time. This is an awful experience & feeling to not know where your pet is, & Banfield Wellness that claim they are for pets had no sympathy or empathy for my position. I have researched & found that their prices are higher than the cost of other vets; dogs do not need to come every 3-6 months for checkup/shots like they recommend; doesn't cover the animal if they are sick so you will pay out of pocket with the addition of paying your mon

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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