Never regret getting Insurance with Petsecure

Out of 10

I am so glad I got insurance with this company. I insured my pug when he was 8 weeks of age and by 6 months of age he was diagnosed with environmental allergies, hip dysplasia, gastroenteristis and respiratory issues. Petsecure covered 80% of all his bills and has continued covering all his treatments. When I called head office to confirm that all his treatments were covered they reassured me that everything would be covered. Thank you so much Petsecure for protecting my dog and allowing me to treat all his conditions without having to worry about the cost of his vet bills. I recommend this company to all my friends !!!!

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Skin problem


Hip Dysplasia
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 06/01/2013

Our previous dog was insured with Petsecure. In his sixth year it was found he had meningitis of the brain. The bill was over $5,000. Petsecure said they would not pay any part of the claim, using all kinds of excuses to get out of paying. We thought about legal action but the loss of our beloved Mackenzie was too much and we just decided to get on with our lives.