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we have a golden doodle who is 8 yrs old. she has been in excellent health and we have a new great dane puppy coming home in a week. took lola (golden doodle) to the vet for her annual checkup and everything was great. decided we would get insurance for her. signed up with embrace, was asked to have vet complete the orthopedic form and that way she would be covered 30 days later for anything ortho. done. we got the insurance the day after her exam thinking that way they would know she was in good health, this was 3 weeks ago. called today to add the new puppy and found out that now they wont cover any orthopedic for lola for 6 months since we had the checkup done the "day before" we signed up for insurance. she has NEVER and i repeat NEVER had any ortho or medical problems at all. was told that if it was 2 days before things would be fine... huh??asked more questions.. people apparently didnt know what they were talking about with any other conditions and getting confirmation if they would even cover an ear infection etc. they offered NOTHING. so i cancelled the policy. i certainly didnt get any good vibes from them. i suggest you ask TONS of "what if" questions before signing.

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