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Have had Embrace since 2006 & have never needed it until this past Aug when my 10.5 BC Keegan suddenly came up lame on his back right. Took him in & they thought psoas strain, followed their instructions & was better. Vet ok'd him for more activity & immed came up lame. To confirm it was a psoas injury went to one of the few vets in the country that diagnose it by ultrasound. Diagnosis severe moderate tears at insertion & orgin.Approved & paid that & the follow up ultrasounds every 4 weeks plus all my rehab visits with my local rehab vet, the exam fees, chiro, acupunture, treadmill sessions, etc. from Sept-Jan.
Unfortunately during this we found a mass during the Jan ultrasound on that same back right near his femoral artery & it's B-cell lymphoma. Fortunatley, Embrace has been wonderful, they paying 80% of the $1700+ from all the ultrasounds, xrays, bloodwork & other tests. Starting chemo on Tues & am confident Embrace will be there to help with that too. Devastating news but so happy that thanks to Embrace I can afford to give him the best possible care. Cancer diagnosis & treatment is not cheap.

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