PetPlan saved us a lot of money and saved my dog

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My husband and I adopted a dog a couple of years ago and immediately considered Pet Insurance. We are big on reviews so he researched for hours before we decided on PetPlan. We are both so glad that we chose PetPlan. We had to use our insurance for the first time in December and not only has it been quick and easy to file and receive claims, but everyone we've spoken with during the process has been helpful and happy. I've recommended PetPlan to my friends and family knowing that if something happened to their pet, they would be very glad they had it. Our dog had luxating patellas that resulted from an injury after she went sprinting down a hill. After being referred to a specialist the surgeon told us that this was a condition that most pet insurances won't cover because it's considered a pre existing condition. He wished me luck and I submitted an optional preauth to PetPlan to see if they would help us pay for the surgery. My husband and I decided that if they could help we'd give our dog the surgery. If the couldn't help, then we just couldn't afford to let our dog get the surgery. Lucky for us PetPlan helped and helped A LOT! 80% of a $4k surgery was reimbursed and they've been reimbursing us for every follow up appointment as well. I am so thankful we have them. There was no stress at all involved in the process. The online system is super easy and the response to claims is very fast. GET PETPLAN. Seriously.

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Luxating Patellas
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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