Tripper Hoag's accident

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Tripper was injured when a golf cart ran over his right hind foot. It crushed 3 out of 4 toes as comminute fractures. His prognosis is very uncertain as yet whether he will heal properly to utilize his foot and regain full function. Treatment consists of (currently) weekly splint and bandage changes and progressive foot xrays to assess healing/mending of fractured digits. Embrace has always been there for all our past and current dogs; the representatives compassionately expeditiously handle our pet's medical veterinary needs. I have continued to be EMBRACE's biggest advocate whenever and wherever i meet pet owners and visit vet clinics. We have introduced several practices to Embrace and to offering their clients the opportunity to enroll with Embrace.Thanks to all the wonderful staff we have encountered at EMBRACE under some of the most horrid times for us and our furry family, a terrible situation always had a good side to it.
The staff involved with each claim email and call to inquire on pets' progress and whether they can be of additional assistance in our time of need.
Cost of monthly insurance premium few dollars but pice of mind PRICELESS!!!
I generally do not write reviews but feel it is very necessary in this company's case.

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1 - 8

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